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Thursday, 03 October 2013 14:09

Rewind the Autumn Monsoon

Written by

This is the third album Kentai-P has published and part of his four seasons album series.

You can download the songs of this album right here for free!


To get the free download code you just have to like Kentai's Facebook page, the code is available there for free for all fans. (just click the Facebook item on the left side of this text, it will bring you directly to the right page.)

01 - Aokasa


02 - Come Home

{mp3remote} Home.mp3{/mp3remote}


03 - Cybernetic Dawn

{mp3remote} Dawn.mp3{/mp3remote}


04 - Inari no Kitou

{mp3remote} no Kitou.mp3{/mp3remote}


05 - Quasar Infinity

{mp3remote} Infinity.mp3{/mp3remote}


06 - Thank you for 100 subscribers!

{mp3remote} you for 100 subscribers!.mp3{/mp3remote}


07 - Sekaiha Kieru REVISED

{mp3remote} kieru REVISED.mp3{/mp3remote}


08 - Scarborough Fair Interpretation

{mp3remote} Fair interpretation.mp3{/mp3remote}


09 - Sa, Isshoni Utau!

{mp3remote}, isshoni utau!.mp3{/mp3remote}


10 - Train number 5 to Antarctica

{mp3remote} number 5 to Antarctica.mp3{/mp3remote}


11 - All Things must come to an End

{mp3remote} things must come to an end.mp3{/mp3remote}

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