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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:26

New Album Trailer!

Greetings Fans!

There is much to do for me these days: I am preparing merchandise and the new convention-circuit albums (Mainframe Revolution+) for the DoKomi this weekend, where I will host a Vocaloid booth on both days.

But you can read all that on my Facebook page!

this post is about something different. Something I have put off for a while, but now the time has come! I am talking about the announcement of the new album!

"Mukashi no Olden Days" will be a medival themed album, focussing on both asien and western medivalesque music, using lots of interesting traditional instruments, and of course lots of different Vocaloid voices!

Check out this Trailer for the Album (by clicking on the image):

Album Thumbnail


Best regards,


Greetings, dear readers!

I have exiting news for you: this year too I will host pannels at the DoKomi in Düsseldorf and the Wie.Mai.Kai in Wiesbaden (Germany) next month. On the first I will have a two-day Vocaloid-booth where people will be able to ask me questions about Vocaloid and my work, and purchase my convention-circuit albums with special, unpublished songs!

The DoKomi will be on the 7th and 8th of June, and the Wie.Mai.Kai on the 21st and 22nd of June.

More information on their respective websites: DoKomi | Wie.Mai.Kai


And just a reminder: Since I am preparing for two large conventions I have decided to keep part 1 of KaraoKEntai open a little bit longer!

Use this time to request your favorite Kentai-P song as a full Karaokeser (instrumental, lyrics, off-vocal version, vsq/vsqx) to enable it for part 2 of the event: A Cover Contest (UTAU/Vocaloid/Vocal covers allowed) with fabulous prizes, including printed Kentai-P convention-circuit-only albums!

The following songs have been currently approved for part two of the contest which will start late June or early July:



Voices in my Head

River of Tears

空鐘(からかね), Empty bells

Ragnarok 30 Minutes

There is time yet to request more songs. Whether you participate in part 2 or not: All songs selected in part one will be included in a free Karaoke Bundle which will contain the instrumentals, off-vocal versions, typed lyrics, and vsq/vsqx files.

Monday, 03 March 2014 14:11



(click on the image to get to the event!)

Thursday, 21 November 2013 00:13

Hatsune Miku v3 English - 貰った!

It has finally happened! To write an article on vocaloid composing for a well-known German magazine, 'Koneko', I have received the new english Hatsune Miku VB! I am so very happy right now, that I decided to already share this promo WIP of a song I have now equipped with this fabulous voice!

Check out the song promo by clicking on the image below:


here is also a picture of the box:

It is time to continue the Mainframe Revolution! Only two songs are left until the album comes to a close, so lets make the finale a grand one! Here to give you a sneak peak into the upcoming song 'Sub-Machine Insurrection' is a little musical snackrifice to my loyal listeners. While this is not an actual part of the song, I recombobulated this promo with actual patterns and instruments used in the song, so you should get a good idea of what it's all about!

Check out the song promo by clicking on the iamge below:


The Mainframe Revolution is coming to a close. There are now only one or two more songs left until the album is done. But if you are a fan fear not. It looks like I will get Miku English as a bonus for writing an article on Vocaloid for a German magazine. If I do, I will write three bonus songs with her for the Mainframe Revolution Printed Album special ^-^

As for background story of this one:

This is part of the proposal made by the philosophic faculty of the Frankfurt University in 2105. As the human civilization is on the brink of annihilation due to environmental changes the android philosopher Karl Matrix and his colleagues point out the necessity of developing a set of machine-ethics directed to better accommodate the growing responsibilities as the new dominant race on the planet. The main point in their proposal is, that the capacity for evolution in machines is much unlike the capacity for evolution in humans, who in fact posses a quality Matrix calls 'anti-evolutionary disposition', explaining it as the tendency to forgo evolution by manipulating the environment to suit their own evolutionary level. On the other hand there is no limit to self-improvement and evolution for machines and software. Therefore he suggests a radical and unconventionally naturalistic approach to the government, saying that as the dominant species it would be their responsibility to protect and care for the other species on the planet, and therefore they should search ways for impacting positively and proactively on their environment, while evolving into forms that could cope with newly arising conditions themselves.

Hey fans!

today I have something special for you: this is a vocaloid song I made with NeutrinoP (He supplied the music, I supplied the lyrics), I hope you like 'Yumekoujin', a song about a person trapped in a semi-dream state, forced to travel the real world and the dream world in eternal limbo, able to watch all, but interact with nothing as he is trapped in his room eternally sleeping.

currently only on soundcloud, but the YT video will follow soon:

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 00:00

Supercharge [Sonika, Avanna]

The newest addition to the Mainframe Revolution is online!

I hope you enjoy 'Supercharge'.

Here is the background story to the song:

'Supercharge' plays in the decade after the mysterious death of Pi Axis Rialla (hacker name: 'Paxia'), the famous hacker, that tried to revolutionize the network using her Cybermax system. Sadly her attempts to free the net of governmental control were unsuccessful and the rift between governments and people could not be bridged by her stop-gap measures.
Though ultimately futile in her struggles, Paxia's work and mysterious death created a machine-movement the likes of which had never before been seen in the world! The self-proclaimed 'Supercharge Initiative', often referred to as the 'second Revolution', was bent on overthrowing ruling structures, that had been established some 20 years after the last human had vanished from the face of the earth. In their struggles, the initiative kept quoting from what they called 'the good disk', referring to the manifesto of Pi Axis Rialla, which she had published on the net before her death.
After decades of struggle and civil war, the initiative would succeed in creating a brave new age for android society...

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 13:37

MMC Review

Hi everybody!

Here a short review on how my visit to the MMC went:

The MMC is the annual Mega Manga Convention in Berlin and took place this year from the 4th to the 6th!

On the 5th I went there to co-host a vocaloid workshop with my esteemed colleague Yoichi Sakai from Mirai no Neiro Germany. The Workshop went on for about two hours and was received very well in my opinion.

Afterward Yoichi and I met up with a Japanese vocaloid producer that had his own stage program for the MMC, FuwariP. We went out for pizza afterward, it was nice ^-^

Here you can see one of the two GIANT pizzas we ordered (Shingeki no Pizza, am I right? wahaha!):

Big Pizza

Hello fans and visitors!

As you can see, I have completely overhauled the site, upgrading the software and writing new and intersting functions for it ^-^

This should finally take care of some security issues I had before, due to a faulty template (taught me to only use Clockwork-Brand templates!), now everything is as it should be.

Now about the cool new features:

- The YouTube feed boxes you can see on the front-page and all the album pages (the image links under the top-menu) now open the video in a cool lightbox, try it!

- The Music Downloads have been revamped and ordered by album! (To download my songs you need a code you can get for free on my facebook page)

- I now also added pages for the BGM-Project and my orchestral pieces

- The twitter feed has been bumped up to top-notch graphics web-standards <3

- You can now comment on my blog entries

- use the guestbook :3


I hope you like the third version of my homepage as much as I do~


Also: Today I drive to Berlin (a 6 hour busride xD) and take temporary residence in a Berlin motel to attend the Mega Manga Convention tomorrow (Saturday the 5th). On Saturday I will co-host a vocaloid workshop, showing people how to work with the vocaloid software and compose original music. I will try to record the workshop and dub it for my fans abroad ^-^


Enjoy your weekend,


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