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Saturday, 09 November 2013 15:19

「初音ミク、結月ゆかり」 EVOLUTION 【VOCALOID Original Song】

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The Mainframe Revolution is coming to a close. There are now only one or two more songs left until the album is done. But if you are a fan fear not. It looks like I will get Miku English as a bonus for writing an article on Vocaloid for a German magazine. If I do, I will write three bonus songs with her for the Mainframe Revolution Printed Album special ^-^

As for background story of this one:

This is part of the proposal made by the philosophic faculty of the Frankfurt University in 2105. As the human civilization is on the brink of annihilation due to environmental changes the android philosopher Karl Matrix and his colleagues point out the necessity of developing a set of machine-ethics directed to better accommodate the growing responsibilities as the new dominant race on the planet. The main point in their proposal is, that the capacity for evolution in machines is much unlike the capacity for evolution in humans, who in fact posses a quality Matrix calls 'anti-evolutionary disposition', explaining it as the tendency to forgo evolution by manipulating the environment to suit their own evolutionary level. On the other hand there is no limit to self-improvement and evolution for machines and software. Therefore he suggests a radical and unconventionally naturalistic approach to the government, saying that as the dominant species it would be their responsibility to protect and care for the other species on the planet, and therefore they should search ways for impacting positively and proactively on their environment, while evolving into forms that could cope with newly arising conditions themselves.

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