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About Kentai

About Kentai (1)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 14:21

About Kentai

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Name: Koray Birenheide

Age: 22

Country of Birth: Germany

Currently resides in: Offenbach, Germany

Currently employed as / Studies: Student at the Goethe University in Frankfurt

Major: Japanology

Minor: American Studies

Favourite Color(s): red and blue

Favourite Animals: Fox, Raven

Favourite Vocaloids:

He finished school at the excellent German school abroad, the Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel after moving to Belgium for 3 years and is currently in his 1st term for the M.A. in Japanology, minoring in American Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Other than his great passion for music he also practices martial arts, cooking, drawing, programming, graphic- and web design and creative writing. He has a great fondness of Japanese language and culture as well as Japanese popculture which is also a main point of study in his M.A.. Since September 2009 when he first discovered Vocaloid for himself he has worked on and published many vocaloid songs, creating 4 complete albums based on the four seasons. Currently he is working on his 5th album which focuses on the theme of android science fiction and all the social and psychological implications that come with that genere.

He has also published a mini series of 5 songs, called 'Tales of Chaos City', a wide range of unassigned background music as well as 4 full orchestral pieces, all availiable on his YouTube channel.

Currently he regularily participates in German Anime&Manga conventions, offering Vocaloid workshops and info-stands.

Albumless Songs
The BGM Project
Orchestral Songs