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About Kentai

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Name: Koray Birenheide

Age: 26

Country of Birth: Germany

Currently resides in: Gelnhausen, Germany

Currently employed as / Studies: MA Student and Research Assistant with Special Mandate at the Goethe University in Frankfurt

Major: Japanology

Favourite Color(s): red and blue

Favourite Animals: Fox, Raven

My name is Koray Birenheide and I am a 26 year old student and webdeveloper (m), majoring in japanology and minoring american studies, and I currently live in Gelnhausen, a small town in the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I have been writing stories and poetry since my childhood and enjoy pen & paper role playing. Outside of creative writing, I also love composing music and martial arts.

Since September 2009 when I first discovered Vocaloid for myself, I have worked on and published many vocaloid songs, creating 4 complete albums based on the four seasons and a 5th album themed around artificial intelligence.

I have also published a mini series of 5 songs, called 'Tales of Chaos City', a wide range of unassigned background music as well as several full orchestral pieces, all availiable on my YouTube channel.

I am currently publishing my novel, "Aqualon, Rise of the Broken", chapter by chapter on this site:

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